BUY: LOT/USD = 1250 SELL: LOT/USD = 1135 BTC/USD = 11622.79


How can I register?

It's fast and simple. Just click on ''Create Wallet", enter your information and you will soon receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link in the e-mail to activate your wallet and it is ready to use.

How do I log in to my account on MS LOT BANK?

You can easily enter your account by clicking "Log in" in the top right corner and filling in your log in details. 

Now that I've created my MS LOT e-wallet, how do I link it to my account in Megaspooler?

Just log in to your MS LOT BANK account and your account info will be displayed. Copy your Account address.Then  log in to your Megaspooler account, click on "Edit Profile" in the submenu and paste your Wallet address in the field "Number of your LOT WALLET"

How can I check my account balance?

You can see your funds simply by entering your account.


What is the minimum amount allowed to exchange?

The minimum amount for the exchange is defined by the e-wallet you'll choose for the transfer.


What is the minimum amount I can transfer among MS LOT BANK accounts?

You can transfer as little as 0.00000001 LOT.


Is there a minimum age requirement or any other limitations in order to start using MS LOT BANK?

There are no limitations. Anybody can start using MS LOT BANK straight away.


What e-Wallets may be used for transfers from my MS LOT Wallet?

Payeer, PayPal or any BTC E-wallet.


How do I purchase LOTs?

Simply click on ''Exchange" and then  BUY LOT. Choose your preferred wallet. Enter the amount of LOT you wish to buy and the price in US dollars will appear. Click "Continue" button to complete your transaction.


How do I exchange LOTs to US dollars?

Enter "Exchange" office from your dashboard menu. Click on "Sell LOT" and fill out the required fields.


Can I open multiple accounts for my wallet?

Yes. You can open as many accounts as you like. You can see addresses of your accounts after you log in,  in the section “My Accounts”.


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